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Can my friend be my Celebrant?

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

When it comes to choosing a Celebrant it's a really personal choice. I, along with others in the industry, will recommend you chat with other Celebrants before deciding who will lead your ceremony.

One question I sometimes get asked is: "Can my friend be my Celebrant?"

If you so choose they can be, providing no legalities apply. But to be perfectly honest with

you, this breaks my heart. Let me give you the low-down on why you need an industry-led professional as your Celebrant, before you ask your friend.

Pros to asking your friend

You might find it comforting to have a friend write and read a ceremony for you.

Perhaps your friend would like to help you save on wedding costs and help you with your budget.

Pros to booking an Independent Celebrant

A Celebrant is also highly connected within the Wedding Industry so can make personal recommendations, and crisis manage.

By choosing an industry professional Celebrant, you are hiring an insured and certified Celebrant for one of the most important days of your life.

This person has likely invested thousands into their training and brand so it feels really personal if you choose a friend instead.

What does a Celebrant do that my friend can't?

As an industry professional Celebrant, we have craft and the talent to write a bespoke script that hasn't been copied and pasted from the internet with "insert name here."

On average, it takes us 6 hours of writing plus 2 / 3 zoom or in-person meetings to perfect a script.

As Ceremony leaders, we are responsible for your ceremony logistics and staging. Writing and delivering a script is taught and learnt through training and shadowing.

Why should I book a Celebrant?

Our professionalism and dedication to our industry is second to none and that alone is the reason why you should hire an industry professional to both write and officiate your dream wedding ceremony.

Your venue will likely ask all suppliers for a copy of their public liability insurance. If you decide your friend is going to officiate your wedding ceremony, they will need to take this out.

How can my friend be involved in my Wedding Ceremony?

Friends are more than welcome to play a part through readings and rituals of course!

However, please respect the Celebrant Industry and choose a certified and insured Independent or Humanist Celebrant for your wedding ceremony. You will be so pleased you did.

Book Laura Bell for your Wedding Ceremony today.

Photo credits: Danielle Veitch Photography, Sadie Osborne Photography, Megan Donati Photography, Agrestal Visuals

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