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Unique Dorset Wedding Venue - The Station Kitchen

If you're looking for a unique Dorset Wedding Venue, I can assure you The Station Kitchen in West Bay is a must view.

Whether you're a train enthusiast or not, the train carriages themselves are a spectacle. The interior design is bold with vintage tones, what's more the food is incredible. The train carriages are permanently fixed so you don't need to worry about the motion interrupting any important moments.

Can I get married on a train?

This depends on how you define "married." With a Celebrant, you can have a wedding ceremony that's not legal but still has everything you typical would associate with a legal wedding ceremony, wherever you want. So essentially, yes you can get married on a moving train with a Celebrant.

The Station Kitchen is available for both legal ceremonies and Celebrant-led ceremonies. What's more, I'm more than happy to assist with a legal ceremony and tell your love story as part of it or combine some gorgeous rituals.

If you'd like to have a Celebrant-led ceremony with just me at this unique venue, you can you separate the legal obligation and book this for £48 with the Dorset Registry Office. That leaves you free to include any ceremony aspects within your ceremony with me. As an Independent Celebrant, I'm able to include any content which includes any religious or spiritual elements (if you so wish).

What is an Independent Celebrant?

An Independent Celebrant offers the maximum flexibility for a unique and personalised ceremony, including rituals, readings and the telling of your couple story. I work and meet with my couples either in person or via zoom, assisting them with their planning and ceremony design.

No two ceremonies are every the same for me because, every couple is different!

What can a wedding ceremony on a train look like?

I'm so pleased you asked! Last year I was offered the chance to put a concept to life on how a wedding ceremony could look on a train. The wonderful Phoebe of Clover and Fern Weddings agreed for me to showcase a handtying, gin and tonic mixing and a unity candle ritual as part of a Celebrant-led ceremony concept.

Paired with the wonderful Danielle Vetich Photography and a whole host of lovely Dorset and Devon wedding suppliers, we showcased a wedding on a train carriage.

Dorset and Devon Wedding Suppliers involved:

Planning, coordination and styling: @cloverandfernweddings

Sequin dress: @boohoo

Hair: Facebook - Hair by Em

Stationery: @scribe.stationery

Book a Dorset Wedding Celebrant

If you like my vibe, let's chat! If you're looking to book Ceremonies by Laura Bell as your Dorset Wedding Celebrant for a unique ceremony, chances are, I'm your girl. Drop me an email and see if I'm available and let's save the date!

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