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A Weymouth Beach Wedding

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Dorset beaches are the perfect place for a wedding ceremony but have you thought of a Weymouth Beach wedding? From Durdle Door to Weymouth Beach, the options are limitless with a Celebrant, providing you have the landowner's permission.

Read on for Matt & Kirstein's Weymouth Beach wedding.

Can I get married with a Celebrant?

Celebrant Laura Bell on Weymouth Seafront

Celebrants in England and Wales are currently a non-legal option for wedding ceremonies,

however this could soon change.

By choosing a Celebrant-led ceremony you have the ultimate flexibility for your nuptials. You will need to do the legal part separately with your local registry office however, you can withhold rings and vows and save for your Wedding Ceremony with Ceremonies by Laura Bell.

A Weymouth Beach Wedding Ceremony

Weymouth Beach Ceremony

On Saturday 11th June, Ceremonies by Laura Bell became the first to officiate a celebrant-led wedding ceremony on Weymouth Beach, Dorset.

The couple, Kirstein and Matt from Kent, visit Weymouth several times a year and contacted me 11 months prior with the idea of getting married on Weymouth Beach.

On the day, the Bride walked down the aisle with Gracie the donkey of West Hill Donkey’s in traditional seaside fashion.

The couple were keen to drawn on inspiration from the Victorian heritage of the historic seafront and chose white and blue tones to reflect and classic deckchairs for their guests to be seated.

Kirstein and Matt Parmenter said of the experience: “There was no other choice for us when it came to getting married. Weymouth Beach is the most beautiful place on earth. It was the first place we had a holiday together and we have been coming here at every opportunity since then to escape from the stresses of life. We hope to make it our permanent home one day.”

The rituals

bride and groom with Laura Bell having a celebrant-led wedding on Weymouth Beach

Included in their ceremony was a handtying with a braided ribbon chord which featured knitting wool from Kirstein’s late mum who passed in January and star charms to symbolise their children. This was a beautiful way to include and have them present.

The couple also chose to include a sand ceremony and mixed vessels into one creating a

beautiful keepsake to take home to Kent.

The happy couple then went on to ride on The Helter Skelter and victorian carousel in Alexandria Gardens with a classic 99 ice-cream to share before heading back to their b&b, The Ocean Guesthouse on the harbour for their wedding breakfast.

It was really important to the couple to use as many local suppliers as possible in the town with the flowers coming from Jay at Floral Couture in white and blue colours.

The rise of Celebrant-led ceremonies

Bride and Groom on Weymouth Beach mid ceremony with Celebrant Laura Bell

Celebrant ceremonies, also known as “wedding blessings” are becoming more popular with the legal part easily done at the registry office before or after. This gives the couple so many more options for locations, only needing the landowner’s permission.

The Celebrant industry is made up by Independents and Humanists with both offering bespoke and personalised services, as a certified and insured industry-led professionals. The Give Couples Choice movement is campaigning for changes for Celebrants.

Photo credits: Kirsty Hastie Photography


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