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A Wedding Concept on Rollerskates

As a modern Celebrant I’m always pushing the boundaries on what a wedding ceremony “should be” and more of what it can be.

So, when I purchased my first pair of rollerskates last September, I fell in love with the possibility of what a wedding on 8 wheels could be.

I put together a mood board, concept and hit up my favourite suppliers to go on location in Poundbury, Dorset for an editorial shoot with skates.

The concept

Simply put this was a boy-meets-girl in the local skate cafe vibe where she was hanging with her girls before saying “I do” in her favourite skates.

This took us to Store 6 (sadly now closed), and outside the butter market in Poundbury to take advantage of the sign writing and gorgeous Portland stone buildings.

Shot in September, I pitched this for editorial for a wedding magazine with a pastel colours which was an upcoming trend for the year after.

The ceremony

The rules for the ceremony were that it had to be on skates. I put together vow booklets with instax photo quotes, printed on pastel film and included a ‘tying of the knot’ with pastel ribbon.

The theme was city elopement so we took advantage of the quiet morning and pretty houses around the area we were shooting around.

The model couple exchanged rings and vows as I conducted the styled ceremony on my roller-skates.

South West Skaters

I contacted Cara and Kat from South West Skaters, the group I am part of, whom organise skate hangs and I asked if they were free.

They provided assistance and made the photos pop by skating around with pink smoke flares and giant lollipops.

The suppliers

Shooting this with Megan Donati Photography was a dream, as is every editorial shoot we do together.

The wonderful Bridal Reloved provided a gorgeous Bowen-Dryden two piece which consisted of a lilac skirt and beaded silk crop top. Sam and Matt were my power couple brave enough to take on the challenge!

The results

The photos were stunning and the concept was brought to life in a mere week of planning. So, what do you think?

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